Program Committee

Kate DevlinDr Kate Devlin is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she investigates how people interact with and react to technologies, both past and future. She works in the fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), focusing on cognition, sex, gender and sexuality, and how these might be incorporated into cognitive systems. She was Co-Chair of the widely reported Love and Sex with Robots conference in 2016 and ran the UK’s first sextech hackathon. Kate is a campaigner for gender equality and is involved in national initiatives to improve opportunities for women in tech.



Florian BaumannFlorian Baumann received his Dr.-Ing. focusing on Machine Learning applied to Scene Understanding in 2015. Since then, he has been working first as a Technical Team Lead Engineer and later as a Vision Systems Lead in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at ADASENS Automotive GmbH. Florian was responsible for requirements engineering, support in on-going RFQs and served as a technical representative for ADASENS and FICOSA regarding vision and machine learning algorithms.

Since December 2016, Florian is the Technical Director (CTO) of ADASENS Automotive GmbH. He is in charge of delivering and creating the company’s products and targets as well as pre-development and research topics.


Matt FylesMatt Fyles leads the software team at, building the next generation of processor technology targeting machine intelligence. He is a computer scientist with over 20 years proven experience in the design, development, delivery and support of software and hardware for the microprocessor market, spanning implementing applications on major operating systems to low level work with single and multi-core processors.


Carlo Samohano Carlos Somohano is founder of Data Science London, Europe’s largest data science community. He is a consultant with +15 years of experience. He provides regular advice on data science, machine learning, AI and big data engineering to F500 companies and government organisations. He is the editor of Data Machina, a widely popular data science newsletter. He holds a BScBA Hons in Information Systems.





Nicole HemsothNicole Hemsoth is co-editor and co-founder of The Next Platform. She brings insight from the world of high performance computing following most recently a career covering supercomputing hardware and software as former Editor in Chief of long-standing supercomputing magazine, HPCwire. She was founding editor and conceptual creator of the data-intensive computing magazine Datanami, as well as the conceptual creator and founding Senior Editor for the large-scale infrastructure focused EnterpriseTech.




Joe Fay, The Register

Joe Fay is group editor at Situation Publishing. He has been covering technology and business for over 20 years, and edited publications in London and San Francisco.






Julia SchmidtJulia Schmidt is an engineer and works as an editor at the German publishing house Heise Medien. She covers software development for heise Developer.