Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance

Jan Hendrik Witte, GreyMaths

Deep learning (DL) hierarchical models are a form of machine learning particularly suited for the creation of artificial intelligence for financial data analysis. We discuss opportunities and limitations of this new technology and indicate what kind of changes we expect to unfold over the coming years.

We put particular emphasis on the question what to expect of an AI trader compared to a human trader and what to look for when selecting an AI trader.

Required audience experience: No prior knowledge required.

Objective of the talk: Get to know opportunities and limitations of hierarchical deep learning models.

Keywords: Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Trading, Portfolio Allocation, Investment Process

Track 3
Location: Date: October 9, 2017 Time: 5:25 pm - 6:10 pm Jan Hendrik Witte, GreyMaths Jan Hendrik Witte, GreyMaths