My Robot can Learn – Using Reinforcement Learning to Teach my Robot

Olivia Klose, Microsoft

Nowadays, the hype around machine learning and deep learning (DL) is omnipresent. We are applying it to predict unexpected down-times of machines, or to discover anomalies in data streams observing machines. What is usually missing is the magic. Most often deep learning is supervised; in other words, labelling the data which is fed into some algorithm is done in a manual manner. But alternatively, a new star is rising at the horizon: reinforcement learning (RL).

This talk will provide an introduction to reinforcement learning. It shows how reinforcement learning and deep learning can be combined towards an AI system by providing some insights into existing projects.

Required audience experience: No specific knowledge required.

Objective of the talk: Delegates will learn basic concepts of Reinforcement Learning, find out how and when to use it and get an overview of existing projects.

Keywords: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, DNN

You can view Marcel and Olivia’s slides below:

Olivia Klose and Marcel Tilly: My Robot Can Learn

You can watch their presentation below:

Track 3
Location: Date: October 10, 2017 Time: 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm Olivia Klose, Microsoft Olivia Klose, Microsoft Marcel Tilly, Microsoft Marcel Tilly, Microsoft