TensorFlow in Three Sentences

Barbara Fusinska

TensorFlow is growing in popularity as the go-to tool for Deep Learning and building complex AI systems. But there are also a lot of misconceptions about the capabilities of the platform and how and by whom it can be used in the most efficient way.

In this talk, Barbara will start with three statements and drill down into each of them to reveal a holistic view on what TensorFlow is capable of, what are the limitations, and what is needed to start working with the library. After the session, the audience will have a clear idea what TensorFlow is and what it is not. The attendees will be able to start their journey with the library and apply it to tackle problems like Computer Vision or NLP.

Required audience experience: Basic concepts of machine learning (classification, training); coding skills of at least one programming language.

Objective of the talk: Get a clear idea what TensorFlow is and what it is not as well as the required experience and knowledge when approaching TensorFlow. The audience will get to know principal concepts and components of the library (Tensors, GPU computing, Deep Learning) and learn about methods and applications in the AI field.

Keywords: Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, TensorFlow, Machine Learning

You can view Barbara’s slides below:

TensorFlow in 3 sentences from Barbara Fusinska

You can view Barbara’s presentation below:

Track 1
Location: Date: October 10, 2017 Time: 11:40 am - 12:25 pm Barbara Fusinska Barbara Fusinska, Microsoft