Workshop – Practical Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Barbara Fusinska

Deep learning is the area that wins over the field of Artificial Intelligence. By using libraries like TensorFlow, it is now available to a wider audience.

In this workshop, Barbara will walk the audience through the process of creating and training deep neural networks on the task of image classification. The session will start with explaining fundamental concepts of machine learning and introducing the dataset the computation will be performed on.

Using an interactive learning platform, attendees will have the practical opportunity to use TensorFlow when building deep networks, training them and evaluating the results. After the session, participants will be familiar with how to use TensorFlow when shaping the architecture of neural networks.

Required audience experience: Experience with Python.

The objective of the training: Learning the core of machine learning along with how to build and train deep neural networks for the task of image recognition.

Keywords: Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, Image Recognition

Location: Date: October 11, 2017 Time: - Barbara Fusinska Barbara Fusinska, Microsoft